On-Site Construction or Retail Storage Containers

Published on 10/30/2019

On-Site Construction or Retail Storage Containers

Looking for extra space to store items at your current retail or business location? E-Z Box Portable Storage containers can help.  Our containers can provide a perfect solution to address seasonal inventory needs and expand your storage capacity without having to move.  E-Z Box is currently partnering with restaurants, restoration companies, schools, stores, insurance companies, sporting clubs, day care centers and community organizations for events.


Restaurants, retail businesses and community organizations use E-Z Box Portable units for temporary or permanent inventory, business remodeling or deep-cleaning, and renovations. We will work with you to deliver, pick up and store on the dates that work best for you. Let us help you pack and store based on your short and long term needs. An E-Z Box Portable Storage unit is a perfect solution for temporary storage of valuable tools, inventory merchandise, display cases, seasonal merchandise, and materials at the work or retail sites. E-Z Box is:

  • Locally owned and operated
  • Prompt and responsive (No call-center)
  • Will negotiate pricing



If you want to capitalize on that storage or retail opportunity, request a quote from E-Z Box Portable Storage Richmond today.