Fall is filled with community festivals, fundraising events and collections. E-Z Box would be pleased to help you with your special event needs.

Published on 9/30/2019

Event planning has many moving parts and pieces that must all come together. Timing is strategic, details are essential and planning is critical. EZBox Richmond mobile storage containers are the perfect solution for special events. EZBox Richmond is a local moving and storage company. You'll always work with local professionals so details are not overlooked. With one point of contact, it's easy to make any changes leading up to the big date.  EZBox Richmond is here to help with your next big event.

 Special events like football games, sporting events, trade shows, fundraising events, launch parties, festivals, fairs and other big events require storage. Let EZBox Richmond make your event even more successful.

Here's how it works

·       We drop a portable unit off at your location – which you can get as far in advance as you need it

·       ​You pack the unit with items you need for your event as you get them. Table cloths – check! Water – check! Garbage bags – check! Sponsor signs – check!

·       You call us to move the storage pod on or off your event site at a time that best fits your schedule

·       ​You unload the unit and use the contents throughout your event

·       ​You hold a great and successful event

·       ​You reload the unit with the items that need to be brought back to your location

·       ​You call us to move the storage pod once again

·       You unload the unit OR you can keep it as your “Event unit" and have it handy for your next event

·       ​EZBox Richmond will either come pick it up when you no longer need it, or you can keep it at your location