How We Can Help You

Published on 8/3/2020

How We Can Help You

Coronavirus is impacting markets and communities around the world. From social distancing to over-stocking non-perishable goods and insufficient testing capabilities, Richmond E-Z Box Storage is here to help how we can. Our Richmond area presence assures you that we have a solution ready nearby.  Whether you need a ground-level office or a storage container for extra supplies, or even handwashing stations, tents, tables, chairs, or generators, we have you covered.

In a time of uncertainty, Richmond E-Z Box Storage is here to give you and your business assurance in these areas:

·     Service: We are locally owned and operated and our customer service is a top priority. We accommodate your scheduling needs and we want you to have an easy and satisfying experience.

·     Security: Our mobile storage units allow you to select a safe and secure lock and you are the only one with access to your lock and storage unit.

·     Selection: We have portable storage units available in two sizes. All units are insulated for added weather protection with ground level loading and unloading, and large roll up doors for ease of loading big items. All units have an electrical light for visibility at night and an electrical outlet to assist you when you are working outside.