Fire/Flood/Storm Restoration

Published on 8/5/2020

Fire/Flood/Storm Restoration

Don’t Court a Second Disaster — Portable Storage for Emergencies

Disaster can strike your home with little or no warning, leaving the contents of your home unprotected.  E-Z Box can help by providing secure, on-site portable storage for your belongings while the professionals work on restoring your home, office, or professional space. How much does your choice of portable storage provider matter?  Most people do not think much about it.  Portable storage is pretty much all the same, right? 

Getting Your Portable Storage Container to You When Emergencies Happen

One thing we have learned serving commercial and residential customers at E-Z Box is that quality service from your portable storage container vendor on your schedule matters. E-Z Box is locally owned and operated. We help you with storage solutions and we love to help community partners!

Business is built by keeping commitments with customers and being there when they need you  At  E-Z Box, we understand how important it is to serve our commercial and residential customers in the same way they serve their customers. E-Z Box serves many restoration contractors who need a high-quality portable storage container on their customer’s site and need it quickly.

Customer Service to Match the High-Quality E-Z Box Portable Storage Container

We have earned the business of many portable storage container customers by helping them solve emergency delivery situations.  Many companies tell customers that they must wait days for delivery or pickup of their portable storage container, and in some cases, this may be OK, but in many cases it is not.

When You are Done with your Portable Storage Container

Another important factor is pickup schedule for the portable storage container.  Sometimes our customers have limitations on the amount of time they can have a portable storage container in their retail lot, and when they are finished using it, we need to get it out quickly, so that is what we do. We always try and accommodate your schedule.

E-Z Box is your local portable storage container company that is built on customer service, so we respond quickly to local emergencies. When you need help give E-Z Box a call and let us serve you.