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Supplies and Storage Boxes in Richmond, VA


Moving can be a stressful time for any individual or family. When you relocate, it's important to work with professionals who understand exactly what type of moving supplies in Richmond, VA you need. At EZ Box Storage Richmond, we know that organizing and protecting your belongings is of the utmost importance, which is why we offer our renters a wide variety of moving supplies that can help make their relocation easier. Items available for purchase or rent include:


  • Boxes: It is likely that your family will want to carefully wrap and organize each item that is placed into your rented EZ Box. EZ Box Storage Richmond offers an assortment of storage boxes in Richmond, VA that you can purchase to assist with all of your packing and prepping needs.

  • Sizes:

    • Small (16" x 12.5" x 12.5") Singles - $1.60 each, Bundle of 10 - $14.40

    • Medium (18" x 18" x 16")   Singles - $2.72 each, Bundle of 10 - $24.48

    • Large (24" x 18" x 18")       Singles - $3.40 each, Bundle of 10 - $30.60

    • X Large (24" x 18" x 24")    Singles - $4.05 each, Bundle of 10 - $36.45

  • Hand Trucks: Sometimes boxes and oblong belongings are too heavy for even the strongest family member to carry. Save your strength by using one of our high quality hand trucks to easily cart your possessions to your storage unit. EZ Box Storage Richmond has hand trucks available for rent for interested customers. Hand Truck Rental - $20 per month


Moving Supplies Richmond VA

  • Locks: EZ Box Storage Richmond makes the security of your belongings our top priority. That's why we use exclusive cylinder locks that keep your possessions safe inside, and any unwanted intruders outside. Renters can rest assured that valuables in their EZ Box are protected and secure. Price $10 + tax

  • Secure straps: Once you have packaged all of your belongings and put them into your storage unit, you may wish to use the added protection of a band to secure all of your possessions into place. EZ Box Storage Richmond has secure straps available for renters to ensure their items are not at risk during the transportation or relocation process.  Just ask we will lend you some!

  • Moving Blankets/ Bundle of 6 - $20 per month

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