Published on 12/27/2018
As we enter into winter, us Virginians look to bear the unpredictable weather conditions that our great state brings year after year. Sleet, hale, and occasional harsh temperatures are not just annoyances to our day to day living, but can actually be harmful to a large amount of our property and possessions. Whether it be protecting your outdoor equipment or machinery from dings and dents of hale, or keeping electronics safe from the harsher cold, we have a container solution for you to protect your most prized possessions.
After over 20 years of servicing commercial and residential customers across Virginia, we’ve become well-versed in all industries of what you’ll need to protect when Jack Frost visits the Dominion State.

Boats and Other Water Vehicles

Virginia’ summertime warm weather and sunshine are some of the main reasons our state sees an increase in residents year over year. However when winter comes around, the use of your boat or water vehicles, like Jetskis and Sea Doos, becomes a little less common due to the change in weather. Storing these vehicles in a boat storage is always an option, but if your boat is smaller, a shipping container may be a more cost-effective option. With customizable, secure locking options, a container may be your best bet to keep your boat safe and close to home.

Agriculture and Farming Machinery

Much of the agricultural industry in Virginia harvests during the spring and summertime. Your machinery and harvesting equipment are your business’s livelihood, and exposing them to winter’s elements is often a bad idea. Be proactive and plan for the proper storage of your equipment. Rent a solution today and utilize your shipping container year after year.

Fine Wood and Leather Outdoor Furniture

We’ve had many customers over the years – resorts, hotels and individual residents alike – seek out a solution to store summer outdoor furniture. Finer woods and leather furniture cannot endure the harsher elements that they’re exposed to during winter. Storage in a EZ-Box container can protect against cracking, warping, and discoloring caused by moisture and extreme changes in temperature. A safe and secure storage container also makes these items less susceptible to mildew caused by extended water exposure.
These are just a few of the most common items we’ve seen past clients seek out storage for during winter every year. We believe that our storage solution of all sizes, for rent or purchase, are the ideal solution for whatever your storage needs may be. Call us today to receive a quote or seek out storage advice from our team,  and someone on our staff will reach out to you asap!