Let Richmond EZ Box help you out this winter

Published on 2/19/2020

Let Richmond EZ Box help you out this winter. Virginia winters are wet, cold, and somewhat unpredictable. One week, we’re hit with an ice storm that sequesters us in our homes for days, and the next, we’re out hiking in crisp, sunny weather. It’s part of why we love calling this magical green place home. It also makes things like moving more challenging. 

Moving in the winter doesn’t have to be so miserable. If you plan, manage your time well, and make use of resources available to you, moving in the winter can actually be a positive event!

Start packing early

Even if your moving date isn’t until a few weeks in the future, or even early spring, you shouldn’t put off your packing. Renting a moving container will allow you to get your packed boxes out of the home so that you don’t have to live amongst cardboard for weeks. You can pick a drop-off date that works for you and pack boxes on your time schedule too. Not the moving company.

In the winter, moving containers offer an additional bonus: you can transfer your items into the moving container whenever the weather is good. The last thing you want is to be faced with a downpour that soaks all your belongings on moving day.

Richmond E-Z Box will deliver the rented shipping container to your home so that you can fill it up at your leisure. Once you’re ready to move, we’ll pick it up and bring it to your new home or new location.  Because portable storage boxes are designed to keep items dry in various weather conditions, you can pack, store and check on household items. You’ll be able to prolong your packing to work around Mother Nature’s schedule, avoid the cardboard box clutter, and have your belongings ready for immediate pickup with one easy service. 

 Plan ahead

The weather doesn’t care what your move-in day is. Make sure that you have your packing ready and prepared to keep the time you spend in cold winter weather to a minimum. Not only will it keep your items safe from the rain, but it’ll also keep you from getting soaked and catching a cold during this busy time. 

(Pro tip: moving containers will alleviate the stress of having to hire movers, checking off one major item from your moving to-do list.),

 Contact E-Z Box and let Richmond E-Z Portable Storage help make your winter move more positive. We can help you prepare for a home staging to sell or get ready for a big flooring or renovation project. We also help you simply organize your home!