How Corporate Portable Storage Can Help Your Business

Published on 9/1/2020

How Corporate Portable Storage Can Help Your Business

Corporate portable storage is an excellent solution for many businesses and the unique problems they face. Clutter and cramped spaces are not conducive to working or selling. You need space to make your customers and clients happy. Plus, portable storage is a good option to get your business through transition periods and traveling. Whether you have a small online business, a retail store, a corporate office or any other kind of business, portable storage can help you save money and reduce stress on yourself and your staff.

Here are a few ways to use portable storage to benefit your business that you may have never considered. With Covaid 19 changing the landscape of retail sales, now is the time to rethink your storefront.

1. New Inventory

Many retailers are crammed into small stores but get new inventory that they can’t put on the shelves just yet. This is especially common before Christmas and other major sales events. If you have tight quarters, you need some extra storage to place this inventory until you’re ready to put it on the shelves.

However, it’s not exactly convenient to ship the inventory off to an off-site storage site. These can be expensive, and it’s a huge waste of your time to have staff unloading and reloading the stock. Depending on your insurance policies and corporate by-laws, you may not even be allowed to send certain staff members to off-site storage. The solution is simple, portable on-site storage. EZ-Box Richmond can drop off your storage container right at your store, so your staff doesn’t have to leave.

2. Space for Your Office

Having a growing business is a great thing, but it can make your existing office space small. If you’re adding new staff and struggling to find room for them, portable storage space can relieve you of some clutter and give you the room you need to keep growing. Eventually, you may want to move to a whole new office, or if the Covaid pandemic has affected your business plans making that jump too oon can hurt your business. Temporary, portable storage is a smart middle ground that can give your business the flexibility it needs to meet higher demand or business venue changes mandated. The best part is that your equipment will still be on-site if you end up needing it.

3. New Equipment Storage

In with the old and out with the new. That is unless you’re not quite done with the old equipment yet. Then, you might not be able to bring in the new equipment at all. What do you do if your new printer or other large storage has arrived early, and you don’t yet can move your old equipment out? Temporary portable storage can fill the gap, and protect your valuable new equipment from the elements, while you wait to get the room for it in your office space.

Although sometimes you get bulky items that you’ll never really have the room for in your main space and that you don’t need to use all of the time. You could have a bouncy castle, a new ice cream machine, or a large kettle corn machine. Whatever it is, you can put it in a temporary storage unit. It’s nearby, so you’ll have it when you need it.

4. Help You Move Locations

Finally, ready to move out of your old space and into a new one? While exciting, this transition period can be highly chaotic. What if you need to move out of your old office before the new one is ready? What if a portion of your new space needs to be cleaned before you can move your equipment, inventory, or supplies in?

You certainly don’t want to risk damage to your property, so most people opt to put their stuff in a permanent storage container. The problem is that all of this loading and unloading only adds to the chaos of your move. It’s much simpler to use a portable storage unit that can sit right outside of your new location. When it’s ready, moving your property inside is much simpler and saves your staff time during this busy period.

5. Space for Meetings

There are many businesses that have more meetings with clients at certain times of the year. Accountants are a great example. During tax time, they suddenly need rooms to meet with most of their clients, as well as room for more staff to handle their increased workload. Where do you get all of that space?

It’s simple, move excess equipment, files, and other items out into a commercial portable storage unit and use your office space to hold the meetings you need to hold. This is much less expensive than renting out additional office space. Plus, you only need to use the unit for as long as you need it. It’s convenient too, we’ll drop it off and take it away when you’re done so that your staff can focus on their workload.

6. Office and Store Remodels

Many offices and stores stick with dated designs and poor functioning facilities because they can’t see how to manage a remodel while they’re in business. However, an aging building can really limit your revenue, both by making the space less pleasant for customers and by making it less convenient for your staff. It’s worth it to invest in remodels, and commercial portable storage can make it much easier.

With a portable storage unit from E-Z Box , you can remove equipment, tools, inventory, and files that are in the way of your renovations. The big advantage is that your staff can still access these items whenever they need them, so your renovations don’t prevent them from doing their job.

7. Hold your Customer’s Items

Corporate portable storage can benefit your customers as much as it benefits your business. If you renovate homes or sell homes, you can use portable storage to keep your customer’s personal items in, while you show the home or improve it. As it’s always accessible, and cheaper than many other storage options, your customers will appreciate it. They can get anything they need, and you can renovate or sell the home much faster.

8. Keep Filing On-Site

Many businesses collect paperwork and other documents that they need to keep, by law. Businesses that have not yet made the transition to the digital era, or who need to keep physical, instead of digital, copies of their documents may need storage space to contain them. You certainly don’t want paperwork taking up all of the space in your office. At the same time, you want to be able to access the paperwork anytime if you need it, which you can if you choose our portable storage units.

9. Enable a Home Office

Ready to start working at home? Are you planning a remodel to keep your home office? A home office can be very convenient unless you have equipment and paperwork that is going to turn your home into a cluttered mess. Having a lot of stuff in your home office can also interfere with your productivity. A portable storage unit is a perfect solution. For a small fee, you can have everything you need out of sight, but nearby for when you want to use it. While you may be reluctant to pay for a unit, think about how much money you can save by working at home and not driving, parking, and buying lunch. Working at home may be worth it for you, and portable storage can make it happen.

10. Head to the Trade Show

Some businesses need portable solutions to be viable. If you sell at trade shows, whether it’s organic honey or handmade clothing, you need to transport a lot of inventory. Commercial portable storage units can give you the freedom to move everything you want to sell. Remember, the more you can bring to the trade show, the more money you can make there. Investing in a convenient portable unit can make your business grow faster. Once you discover how easy it is to move your stock with a portable storage unit, you’ll have the confidence to join more trade shows.

11. Store During Disasters

Your business could suffer a loss during a sudden hurricane, flood or another natural disaster. If you have advanced notice, it’s a wise idea to bring your most valuable equipment or inventory to a secure location. E-Z Boxs portable storage units make this process much faster and simpler. You don’t need to use a truck or moving company to transport your valuable to the unit. Instead, the unit comes to you.

12. Help You Open New Locations

It’s thrilling to be opening a new location, but it may involve a lot of stress. What happens if some of your equipment is delivered before your new location is ready to open its doors? Portable storage units can be arranged quickly and give your business an inexpensive option to protect your equipment or inventory on-site. The last thing you want to be doing is cluttering up your older locations, or having staff move items around when they should be focusing on your opening.

13. Store Seasonal Items

If you thought the amount of Christmas décor you had in your home was extreme, you’ll be surprised to see how much seasonal décor you may be storing for your business. Retailers, offices, and many other businesses need to have a lot of seasonal material to help drive sales and make their property more welcoming in the holiday season. It doesn’t just stop with Christmas, any holiday might mean boxes upon boxes of décor and marketing materials. If you’re running out of storage space, you might be tempted to toss some of your seasonal items, but if you’ll just end up buying them again, that’s a huge waste of money. Flexible, portable corporate storage can give you the space you need to store your seasonal items, and even keep them better-organized, so you have them when you need them.

14. Video Studios

Social media marketing can be very valuable for your business. Once you get involved, you’ll discover that video content does well. But filming in your office or store can be a challenge. Especially for those who have private or proprietary information to protect. You can utilize portable storage to remove anything from your location. Especially what you don’t want to end up in the background of a video.  This will free up your useable office space for filming without worrying about anything proprietary being filmed.

If you need a place for a video studio, a portable storage unit can give you the space you need. Set up lights, sound and more, without having to worry about how much space you’re taking up. Or worry about what might be shown in the background of your videos.

Corporate Portable Storage Options

If you ever need extra space, or to move your assets, portable storage is the solution. E-Z Box makes using your storage space convenient, cost-effective and simple. We have two unit sizes to fit your needs. We’ll also help you plan delivery and pick- up schedule if your unit is being picked up. There’s no rush to move things quickly, and no rush to move your things out.

Our units are affordable, sturdy, and can be stored anywhere. We understand how important your business is to you. Plus, your storage containers are easy to access—because business is never predictable. But the flexibility of portable commercial storage can make it easier for you to adapt to any change.  If you are in need of corporate portable storage solutions just contact us today.

 E-Z Box is locally owned and operated. We want to help you with needed solutions and can respond quickly to your needs and time frame.

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