General FAQ About Decluttering

Published on 9/9/2019

Do I need a professional organizer to help me get rid of clutter?

Absolutely not. Getting rid of the clutter in your home can be done by yourself. It can even be a fun family activity when using the tips found in this article.

How can I declutter quickly? Can it be done in a day?

Removing clutter from our homes and our lives doesn’t need to be rushed or done in a single day. It’s something that can be done over time and may even need to be done on a semi-regular basis. As long as you start the process today, you’re further along than you were yesterday.

Will owning less make my home look empty or boring?

Simple doesn’t mean sparse or boring. The opposite is true. With fewer mess and distractions, your home can become more peaceful. You can view your home as a space for rest and comfort, instead of a source of stress.

What’s the difference between declutter and unclutter?

They’re both interchangeable, though I prefer using “declutter.” The “de-” hints at being complete and permanent. I like to think of decluttering as something that solves the problem forever.

When should I declutter?

This is a personal question. When you find yourself overwhelmed by your possessions and tied down, it usually means you’re ready to start making a change. Note that this feeling is just a broad litmus test. The feeling of overwhelm can be different for everyone.