Published on 12/12/2019
Does your business own a Christmas tree? How about an inflatable Santa and eight not-so-tiny reindeer? Ornaments, decorations and costumes could be taking up valuable real estate in your business. Don’t overlook the decorations and knick knacks you only use at Thanksgiving or Christmas, either. Declutter your business by consolidating these items and tucking them away for seasonal storage.
Even though you don’t use them often, seasonal items are usually things you’ll want to keep, so they should be the first to be moved to a new storage space. Packing and gathering similar items together means you’re already halfway there to getting the declutter help you need!
Perhaps most importantly, using a moving container to declutter your business or home  allows you a higher level of control. You aren’t restricted by time constraints and all of your household items aren’t put on display for the neighbors to see. Everything is self-contained in a clean-looking storage container, and if it takes you a few days to get the job done, don’t worry, your items will be safe and secure in your locked storage container to which only you will have the key.
A portable moving container will hold everything in your business and allow you the freedom to go through your business items more easily. Because the items are out of the shop, store or house, the job is not as overwhelming and you’ll feel more in control. All you have to do now is separate the clutter from the essentials and your shop, store or home will be cleaner and more organized. Once complete, simply arrange to have the portable container picked up and that’s it.